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How Can Security Improve Telco Business Results?

Hear nearly 8000 mobile subscribers, worldwide, explain what security they expect from their CSP
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Subscribers are worried about online security, but they don’t know what to do.
Endpoint solutions are too complicated so they want their service providers to provide built-in security - and they will pay extra for it.
Many report having changed service providers to get better security and they are less likely to leave if they feel protected.
All this can increase your revenue.

Join us for the details on how security can boost business results for CSPs/ISPs.

Learn the security aspects of:

  • Expectations: 88% of respondents are worried about cybersecurity; with a growing expectation for pre-installed security from CSP
  • Bundles: Subscribers will pay more for core bundles that provide security along with extra data
  • Revenue: Respondents willing to pay ~$3/month for comprehensive security
  • Upsell: 68% of respondents said that they are more likely to buy additional products and services from a mobile provider that offers security protection
  • Churn: 6% and above, depending on country and segment, reported they churned “because the new provider included security protection”
  • Loyalty: Those with pre-installed security are 4% less likely to leave

Presented by:


Stephen Saw
Director, Coleman Parkes Research

   Vikram Singh
Cybersecurity Marketing Director, Allot

   Michael Schachter
Director of Cybersecurity Product Marketing, Allot

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Presented by:
Barry Spielman
Director of Product Marketing, Cybersecurity, Allot

Ian (002).png
Ian Parkes
Owner & Managing Director, Coleman Parkes Research

Eduardo Holgado
Senior Product Manager, Cybersecurity, Allot

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Itay Glick
VP Cybersecurity Products, Cybersecurity, Allot

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