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Telcos: Shelter Your SMB Customers from the Cyber Storm

Hear 1000 small businesses speak. Learn how to keep them safe and secure from cyber threats.
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Small business owners and managers are lawyers, doctors, accountants, financial advisors, and shop owners at your favorite office, store, or café.
They are professionals in their fields, supporting communities and driving innovation. But they are not security professionals. Yet, they are responsible for securing their small businesses. We asked 1,000 small and micro-businesses how they keep their business secure.

Spoiler: Not very well! And this is a huge opportunity for CSPs. 
Take a deep-dive into how CSPs can secure their business subscribers, stand out from the crowd, and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Join us and gain insights into:

  • How small businesses try to protect themselves against cyber threats
  • Who small businesses think should be responsible for security
  • Opportunities for CSPs to differentiate and increase revenue from small business customers
  • Practical solutions for CSPs to take advantage of this market opportunity

Every registrant will receive Allot’s Telcom Security Trends report covering this exciting industry survey.

Who should watch? CSP leaders responsible for the monetization of their company’s offerings.


Stephen Saw
Director, Coleman Parkes Research

Eduardo Holgado
Director of Product Management, Allot

Michael_Schachter.png Michael Schachter
Director of Product Marketing, Allot

Presented by:
Barry Spielman
Director of Product Marketing, Cybersecurity, Allot

Ian (002).png
Ian Parkes
Owner & Managing Director, Coleman Parkes Research

Eduardo Holgado
Senior Product Manager, Cybersecurity, Allot

itaiGlick (1).png
Itay Glick
VP Cybersecurity Products, Cybersecurity, Allot

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