The Perfect PacketShaper Replacement

As a strong testament to Allot as the market leader in Application Control and Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), the company was chosen by Broadcom as the recommended vendor to offer a transition path from the discontinued PacketShaper line of products.

Allot SSG and ACG: Packed with benefits

Streamlined operations through centralized management

End-to-end network and application visibility and control, for multiple distributed devices.

Learned decision making through advanced analytics & BI

Based on real-time user and application performance Intuitive UI for dashboard customization by end users.

Leading business protection

Safeguard your network and your business from costly disruption or downtime caused by DDoS attacks.

Allot ACG - Ensuring excellent Digital Experience

Allot SSG & ACG: Delivering powerful capabilities

Leading traffic classification

Our Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology classifies traffic, identifies encrypted traffic & provides app signature updates.

Superior performance

Up to 40Gbps throughput and 600,000 policies in one device for easy scalability of all future IT and network needs.

Centralized management

Improved productivity and control thanks to centralized provisioning of policies across distributed deployments.

RT analytics & troubleshooting

Self-customized dashboards tell the Digital Experience story of your business and provide real-time reports for quick troubleshooting.

DDoS protection & mitigation

Mitigates volumetric DDoS attacks and neutralizes outbound threats before they impact your service and business.

Rapid migration

Our out-of-the-box migration tool, from PacketShaper to Allot platform, makes the replacement process a breeze!

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