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The 5G Vulnerability Nobody is Talking About

5G is a game-changing technology. New apps and services for consumers and enterprise promise to change how we live, work and play. BUT – only if 5G networks can block and prevent massive denial of service attacks that 5G’s architecture bandwidth and connectivity practically invite.
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Join us to understand the inherent vulnerability of 5G architecture and how to best protect your 5G network through:  

  • Cloud native, inline DDoS mitigation
  • Proactive detection and isolation of compromised, connected IoT devices
  • Enforced bandwidth and latency policies through application aware traffic management
  • DISH Network Case Study: Why Allot was selected by DISH to secure their cloud native 5G network

Presented by:

Itay Glick

    Itay Glick
    AVP Product Management


    Moshe Moran
    VP Sales, North America


    Michael Schachter
    Director of Product Marketing

Presented by:

  Barry Spielman
  Director of Product Management


  Eva Apesteguia
  Security Success Marketing Director

  Michael Schachter
  Director of Product Management " alt="presenter" height="110" width="110">
Secure Your 5G