Automation is key. But what is the killer app?

Learn how to best implement Closed Loop Automation (CLA) for optimal QoE. Download the report for mission critical information that will help you pinpoint areas where CLA can improve QoE and drive cost reductions now and in the future.

What CSPs Need to Know Now and for the Future

This report explores how fixed, mobile and converged CSPs are leveraging CLA today, while the industry in parallel prepares for the transition from 4G to 5G.

It details findings from a survey conducted among 100 CSPs worldwide. The audience was made up of senior management/c-suite respondents in tier 1,2 and 3 companies. This data will enable you to benchmark your current CLA activity and provides actionable tips for incorporating CLA in your longer-term plans.

CLA is No Longer “Nice to Have”

Automation has long been prevalent in CSP operations. But, with the Telecom industry finally on the cusp of large-scale SDN/NFV implementations and the emergence of 5G networks, CLA has become a strategic imperative. Learn how you can apply it for success with in-depth insights on:

Current Trends

How fixed, mobile and converged CSPs leverage CLA today and what are the strongest barriers to wider deployment.

Bringing Value

How you can implement CLA to ensure QoE and drive cost reductions, truly embarking on a customer-centric journey.

The 5G Future

Why CLA will be essential in the 5G network, which will bring greater traffic congestion and an increased threat landscape.

Control Your Network
& Close the Loop

Significant Findings

Where CSPs Implement CLA today

We asked CSPs where CLA is being applied in their organization today. Interestingly, they rated improving ‘speed to problem resolution’ and ‘service performance’ higher than achieving ‘higher customer satisfaction’, with CAPEX and OPEX savings not far behind.

The Current CLA Killer App

Recovering wasted bandwidth in 4G/LTE networks may well be the current killer app. In our survey, DDoS Detection/Mitigation and Congestion Management were rated as the top two CLA use cases. CSPs realize that money is being wasted by sub-optimal utilization of deployed infrastructure

The CLA Killer App for 5G

Despite the benefits that CLA provides in 4G networks, three-quarters of respondents feel that CLA will be most important in either the transition period (50%) or once they have fully implemented 5G (25%).

Moving into the 5G era, CLA will have an essential part to play.

Download the full report to find out what the 5G killer app will be and why Closed Loop Automation (CLA) is a strategic imperative, today and for the future.

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