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Expanding Anywhere, Any Device, Any Threat Protection with Allot’s New DNS Secure

Join us for an introduction to DNS Secure, the latest addition to the Allot 360 cybersecurity offering for CSPs.
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DNS Secure is primarily designed for fixed broadband networks and rounds out the Allot Secure offering, ranging from basic DNS-based and more robust inline network-based consumer services to premium offerings delivering IoT device protection, CPE hardening and offnet security.  

Discover how you can benefit from a proven solution with over 20M subscribers worldwide: 

  • Threat protection and parental control functions, multitenant capabilities, and scalability to millions of users
  • Adoption rates of as much as 50% and increase in ARPU of up to 5%
  • Effortless onboarding, seamless deployment, zero-touch, clientless activation

Presented by:


    Angel Fernandez
    AVP, Security Solutions


    Barry Spielman
    Director of Cybersecurity Product Marketing

Presented by:

  Barry Spielman
  Director of Product Management


  Eva Apesteguia
  Security Success Marketing Director

  Michael Schachter
  Director of Product Management " alt="presenter" height="110" width="110">
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