Now is the Time to Secure Your Customers

As Covid-19 continues to spread across the globe, cyber criminals are preying on people’s fears and uncertainty to create new forms of attack. Now more than ever, your customers need the cybersecurity only you can provide.

Threat Bulletin: Covid-19 Cyber Threats

Security researchers report that 80% of the current cyber threat landscape uses coronavirus themes in some way. Bad actors are taking advantage of the pandemic to launch global phishing campaigns, distribute malware and collect personal user data, including financial data. Nearly every type of attack has been seen using the coronavirus theme.

Attacks Blocked by Allot on the Ground

This Alarm Report covers the most significant types of Coronavirus-related threats, and describes real attacks blocked by the Allot solution at top-tier telecoms worldwide. Allot Secure stops the attacks in the network before they even reach the user’s device.

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Webinar: Security for a Working from Home World

With everyone working and streaming from home, securing the home network is crucial. Join Eyal Yair, AVP Home Security Solutions at Allot, to learn how you can deliver security of home devices, parental control and hardening of the home router.

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The New Telecom Reality

Cybersecurity & Coronavirus: Protecting Customers at Home

In addition to the bandwidth issues caused by the Covid-19 crisis, people are now more vulnerable than ever to cyberthreats that attack home networks.

Telcos & Covid-19: How to Manage the Challenge

Telecoms and infrastructure providers report that network traffic is up 15-25%. How can CSPs cope with the extra demand?

The Top 3 Mobile Security Threats & How to Combat Them

3 new cyberthreats have risen to the top of our list because they are increasing in frequency and pose the biggest threat to mobile users throughout the world.

Related Solutions

Leverage network assets to deliver effortless, device independent cybersecurity that achieves adoption rates of up to 50% and is already used by over 23 million subscribers in Europe.

Allot Secure

The #1 network-based telco security-as-a-service solution for consumers that protects mobile, fixed, and converged customers.


Designed for operators to deliver personalized security and parental control services from within the network.


Protects all devices in the connected home against cyberattacks and enables parental control of individual devices.

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