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Connected home security & the changing threat landscape

Gaining insights & exploring opportunities

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The past few months saw a steady rise in phishing attacks, banking trojans, and other cyber threats. Join Allot’s cyber security experts, as we dive deep into the data of CSPs to understand how the threat landscape is changing.

Then, we will take those insights home – the connected home, that is.

We will explore the growth of the connected home, discuss market trends around connected home security, and delve into how CSPs can take advantage of these trends to secure subscribers and increase revenue.

Get a sneak preview into an upcoming paper from Frost & Sullivan, which discusses the challenges of securing devices in the home network and how the CSP can address these challenges with a router-based zero-touch cyber-protection solution.

Join us and gain insights into: 

  • The most common types of attacks.
  • Risks related to the connected home.
  • How CSPs can protect their consumers while uncovering new revenue opportunities.

Presented by:

Barry Spielman
Director of Product Marketing, Allot

Eduardo Holgado
Director of Product Management, Allot

Aaron Martin Olivares
CyberSecurity Marketing Analyst, Allot

Presented by:
Barry Spielman
Director of Product Marketing, Cybersecurity, Allot

Ian (002).png
Ian Parkes
Owner & Managing Director, Coleman Parkes Research

Eduardo Holgado
Senior Product Manager, Cybersecurity, Allot

itaiGlick (1).png
Itay Glick
VP Cybersecurity Products, Cybersecurity, Allot

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