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7x More Blocks at Tier 1 CSPs in Q2 2022!

Discover the latest threat data and what this means for Communication Service Providers
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In this on-demand webinar, we dive deep into the data of European CSPs to understand how the threat landscape is changing. We will also explore how this affects Communication Service Providers.

There were 7x more blocks of threats last quarter than the same period last year. What does this mean for you?

Join Allot’s security experts and Ed Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber and a former AT&T Executive, as they discuss this question as well as the threats faced by subscribers and their impact on service providers. Ed also highlights the importance of - and challenges faced by – service providers who are offering security services.

Get access to real-world data from leading CSPs and gain insights into: 
• Common types of website attacks and their impact on CSPs.
• How CSPs can ensure subscribers’ online safety.
• How CSPs can protect their consumers while uncovering new revenue


Michael Schachter
Director of Product Marketing, Allot

Aaron.png Aaron Martin Olivares
Cybersecurity Marketing Analyst, Allot 

Dr. Edward Amoroso
CEO, TAG Cyber 

Presented by:
Barry Spielman
Director of Product Marketing, Cybersecurity, Allot

Ian (002).png
Ian Parkes
Owner & Managing Director, Coleman Parkes Research

Eduardo Holgado
Senior Product Manager, Cybersecurity, Allot

itaiGlick (1).png
Itay Glick
VP Cybersecurity Products, Cybersecurity, Allot

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